Individual & Group Counseling Services

Provided to Individuals, Small groups,  sessions are designed to meet your mental health needs and are completely confidential.

Follow this link to be directed to our confidential health professionals site:


Trauma Informed-Sensitive Training & Coaching

Provided to Individuals, Communities, Schools, and Districts. Sessions are designed to meet your needs.

Current Course Offerings:

Trauma-Informed Sensitive Practices, held at University of Colorado Denver

Higher Learning Online Courses

National Trauma Sensitive Schools Conference


We use restorative practices to mediate conflicts between adults (co-workers). We also support the mediation between youth (peers).

New Teacher Coaching & Support

Offering new-teacher training and support to optimize success in the classroom.

Curriculum Development Support

Trauma-Informed/Sensitive and Culturally Responsive guidance and support in developing curriculum for adults and children.